Went to the Aquarium last and fed seals, Yea!

They are amusing but the local Aquarium is kind of pathetic. The girls enjoy it and it's fun being there with them as long as they enjoy it. Hey who doesn't enjoy feeding seals? We looked at the fish tanks and of course the touch tanks with assorted tide pool creatures, star fish and the like. I'll post pictures when I have time to edit them.

But thats not what this post is about.

Went to the beach and pranced delicately over barnacle encrusted rocks, scampering around real tide pools. We saw some really neat creatures and fish too. Forgot the camera at home so no pictures for you there either. We are having some really low tides this week and first week in July are expecting even lower low tides.

Thats not what I was intending on posting about either. I was just trying to catch you up.

I got some nutty idea a week ago about making Paper mache monsters. Actually it started with a want of making something out of paper mache. Then there was this broken piggy bank which actually looked like a cow(?). I liked the colors and shape of the funny little legs and somehow we came around to dinosaurs. I don't know, run with it I thought. The girls decided stegosaurus and brontosaurus were to be, and so they are. Well they still are coming into being. The original paste recipe has taken two days to dry. I wanted to make the shells stronger so after we coated the skeletal forms in paper and paste I painted them with drywall mud. (I was lacking in plaster of paris and figured hey this will be even stronger....right?)

That didn't work as well as planned, there was alot of shrinking and cracking. So I put another layer of paper and paste over the plaster shell and hopefully they will be dry for priming.

It was a big mess and lots of fun. I think Kaya enjoyed ripping newspaper up into strips. Una was still enthusiastic on day two but is tiring as am I of the drying time wait between steps. Damn! Instant gratification...Is it too much to ask for? Ahh patience...So in the meantime, here's what we got going on.