...for those who are interested.... I have finally uploaded the newly designed GirlSwirlS Blog as you can see. We are still working on improving it and are having some difficulty with being able to rearrange some of the page elements, so expect to see some more changes to the look of the site in the future. But the most important elements are here. Please explore the portfolios in the right hand column for each of us. The girls are such prolific creators, and all of it is so interesting that I realized the task of continually updating the posts to this blog with their work was going to be too time consuming. SO, now we each have a Flikr account for posting images to the web of new works which you can view here as 'portfolio slides'. The far right column will be reserved for sites we visit and like (and so should you), and other interesting tidbits. I'll try to keep the site updated at least once a week, but may update the portfolios more often. I'll reserve posting's for photos of our adventures or other treasure's and occasionally highlighting some of the more particularly interesting works of art.

Check back with us for exciting news coming soon from the girls about how YOU can participate in their creative process!!