Remember field trips? You got out of school for a while sometimes for the whole day! Everyone was in maybe a little better mood than usual, the teachers a bit more relaxed in their manner. There was that feeling like you had when you knew you were going to have a substitute teacher. You got to ride the bus, looking at different scenery than you were used to on the ride to and from home everyday. Well we all had a field trip today. All of the Una's school went to look at two cannons that were recently discovered on the beach. They are believed to be from the USS Shark which went down trying to cross the treacherous Columbia River bar in 1846. So I took the morning off and Kaya and I went along. Yea! The sun broke out from behind the clouds just in time to give us an enjoyable couple hours at Nehalem Bay State park.

More Information on where the cannons came from Here and Here.