OK, So... The Girls want to sell their art. Una's idea really and Kaya is along for the ride. I of course am all for it, why not?! We went clothes shopping this weekend and I'll tell you what it wouldn't hurt my feelings a bit if they had their own money to buy dresses. :-) So that's in the works.

However what we really are excited about, the GirlSwirlS would like to invite you to help us with our creativity. Taking an idea from IllustrationFriday.com we would like to solicit theme ideas from you, our friends. The theme could be anything, a creative spark to motivate us to create something. For instance it could be something as simple as a color, RED or a place like JUNGLE. The girls and I, either together or individually will create some work with this theme in mind. Then post it here.
We also would like to invite you to create a work of your own based on the chosen theme of the week. Email your theme submissions to GirlSwirls.
Each week will choose a theme and post it here on Sunday. Then we (and you) have a whole week, till the next Sunday to work on this theme and submit it by email to GirlSwirlS.
Please submit in a jpeg format only. Submissions can be created with crayons, paint, collage, photographs or sculpture. Anything you like really as long as you can scan and send it to us. We will pick one submission to feature here on our main page along with our own for your viewing pleasure. I am sure we would like to show all the work we create and receive but time and other constraints limit us.

Be sure to include any specifics about the work, like its size or medium. Include a personal website if you have one (we'd like to link to you) and a valid email address. We will not release your email address to any third party but would like to add you to our lists for future newsletters and updates. If you would not like updates please state so in your submission email.

NOTE: All submissions must be original work of your own. By submitting the work you are acknowledging this and giving GirlSwirlS and in subsidiaries permission to reproduce said artwork either in part or whole within its websites or print editions.